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Secrets to Selling Your Home Fast

You've found your dream house, but there's a catch. Before you can move in, your current home needs to become someone else's dream home. Don't panic! There is a booming field of "real estate enhancement experts" who will stage your home for sale by fixing up what you already own. Here are some tips on how to turn your home into a "creampuff."
1. Spruce up the front door. This is where potential buyers stand the longest while the broker opens the lock. Place a wreath on a freshly painted door and fill the space around your doorstep with planters.
2. Get rid of clutter. Put only two or three well-chosen accessories on the coffee table. Depersonalize the space so the buyer can imagine her things in your house. Also, remove family photos and put all toothbrushes, razors, and makeup away, too.
3. Heat an apple pie at 100 degrees. Studies show that the smell of baked goods makes people feel nostalgic for childhood.

Organize Your Home

Does chaos reign in yor home? You can take comfort knowing that many working families with small kids live surrounded by mess. Or you can get organized, with these savvy solutions from home organizing experts.
Problem: A cluttered entryway. This space becomes a big dumping ground for many families, and retraining kids to put things elsewhere is rarely successful.
Solution: Put a storage container right where the items are clustering. A storage bench is an easy way for children to access and looks great, too.
Problem: A messy kid's bedroom. A game of dress up can quickly turn the room upside down.
Solution: Divide and conquer. Instead of one big box, put similar items in several smaller containers. You can transform a disorderly drawer from messy to organized by using a drawer organizer which has compartments for various type items.
Problem: A disorganized family room. This is the room where family members spend most of their time, so you can get conflicting activities -- and chaos!
Solution: Rearrange the room into clear and consolidated zones, like the play area and the office. To help crreate boundaries, set up a floor screen, one that allows you to decorate one side with photos.

Conquer Clutter

Imagine a home that's truly organized -- and then imagine you live there! You can do it...in just one weekend. Follow the decluttering plan below can work wonders on a crazy mess of a closet and a packed-to-the-rafters garage. These three antimess ideas will help you organize any area of your home.
** Assess what you have and toss what you don't need. To keep the job manageable, do a few hours of work each weekend. Recruit the help of a friend. Listen to music or sip some wine while you sort.
** When sorting, group your possessions into categories. For example, in your closet, hang all the skirts together, all the blouses, etc.
** Give everything a home. Store your essentials at eye level. Stuff your need once a year? Think basement or attic. Following these rules, you can banish years' worth of clutter in days. Even better: A month later, the rooms exude a Zen-like calm.
Above all - HAVE FUN!!